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Me Pirate Mateys by maranianthe Me Pirate Mateys by maranianthe
When you have an entire crew of pirates pressuring you to finish a picture, you do so quickly. Most of the characters from my pirate story involving Audrey and Davy. Go ahead and get comfortable. Starting at the top and going down:

Whyte: (in the freaky hat)- is the spirit of a man who died working on Goldspur's flagship, so now his spirit is connected to the ship. He has been Davie's guardian on many occassions.

Audrey Seahawk: Back and better than ever

Shayne Lemaire 'Goldspur': looking a mite girly, but still a pirate godfather

Mathew Haden: (the scarred, rough guy) He had it tough after Audrey dissappeared, He was sent to a prison ship, lost his memory, became a pirate hunter, almost killed his own son, got his memory back, and now he's back with Audrey

Lisette Wickham: (rolling her eyes by Goldspur) able to make magic maps, her career was funded by Gold spur and subsequently gets dragged into the mess involving Davie. Lisette does help Davie out and becomes Goldspur's love interest.

Cutter 'Luckless' Gallwen: (black-haired guy in center) the world's luckiest pirate, Luckless chose the lifestyle purely for the thrill. He finds Audrey's son and gets him involved.

Winfield Haden: (kid in ponytail at far left) Win is Audrey and Mathew's firstborn. He was raised by the same corrupt govenor who broke up the Seahawk family. Win grew up an aristocrat but runs away from home when he finds out what his adoptive father did.

Davie Joanes Seahawk: (girl in bandana) a bit larger than i wanted.

Josiah Thatch: (large guy with beard) first mate on Luckless' ship, Josiah can speak to sea animals. And they do what he says, too.

Lionel 'Sea Lion' Deforce: (guy at extreme lower left) He is Audrey's little brother whom she saved from her father's ship. He has followed her footsteps into piracy. Though he works mainly in the Indian ocean, Lionel comes back to the Caribbean when he learns his neice has been found.

Darcy Morendas: (kid with tattoo) son of a corsair and a mermaid, Darcy is also able to breathe on land and water. He is Luckless' apprentice and has a crush on Davie.

Leila Amberidge: (blonde at bottom right) A Spanish soldier took her mother away from her family, then left her pregnant. After Leila was born, her mother committed suicide and Leila was raised by kind pirates. She grew up distrustful of authority and hating soldiers. But she is part siren and can send a wind wherever she tells it.

Can you tell I'm trying to get all my pirates in before Thursday? Yeesh, I've wrote a book.
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save-the-lunchboxes Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2007
Tonks-92 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
I really like the way you draw people.
Shayne Lemaire's my favorite.
maranianthe Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
Thank you very much. :)
undead-faery Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
Wow! That's cool. The peoples look great, and the story sounds good, too. I like the names :)
ZePencilPirate Featured By Owner May 28, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice. :D Sounds like a very cool story. I like the Luckless guy. xD
maranianthe Featured By Owner May 29, 2007
Thanks very much. Yeah, Luckless is, um, different.
ZePencilPirate Featured By Owner May 29, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That would explain it, then. I tend to be drawn to the strange and different.. >.> :jarksaber:
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